What Features Should You Look Out For With Commercial Self-Storage Facilities?

There are self-storage facilities available on every large edge-of-town industrial estate in the UK these days. These may seem as though they are very convenient when it comes to temporary business storage. However, the fact is that mass consumer self-storage firms rarely offer businesses the sort of high-quality facilities they need. What should you be looking for from a company that provides modern business storage services today? Read on to find out.

Palletised Storage

Most businesses have a warehouse facility or at least a stockroom to call their own. Consequently, temporary business storage is often only needed for an overflow of goods at peak times or because a strategic decision has been taken to buy items at a lower cost before they go up in value. This means you will often need to be able to store items on the standardised pallets they arrived in so that they can be taken into your own storage facility as and when they're needed. All too often, self-storage facilities do not have professional racking designed for pallets. Look for the professional establishments that do.

Convenient Loading and Unloading

Many self-storage operators have one way in and one way out of their facility. This means transporting everything you want to store by hand, often through the reception area with members of the public milling about. Instead, use a business storage facility where you can park right next to the access point to your storage space and move items in and out much more efficiently.

24/7 Security

Although you might have a security camera monitoring comings and goings at most storage facilities in the UK, not all of them have proper CCTV monitoring the entire operation. Many business storage solution providers have staff on site 24 hours a day and will even patrol the facility to ensure your stock remains exactly where it should be.

Controlled Storage

Finally, it is worth mentioning that not all items can be stored in a conventional storage facility. You might need perishable items to be stored within chiller cabinets, for example. Equally, the control of the air quality might be important to certain types of business. Sometimes fabrics can deteriorate over time if they are stored in moist conditions, for example. The same goes for consumer electronics and components which have low-voltage parts. Modern business storage facilities often have air purification or air conditioning systems to help keep belongings in mint condition.