3 Key Safety Features in Wi-Fi Controlled RGB LED Strip Lights

If you want to buy some Wi-Fi controlled strip lights to use in your home or garden, then you should look for products that come with key safety features. Good quality lights should come with the following benefits.

1. Short-Circuit Protection

If you'll use standard power to run your lights, then you need to make sure that the lights have protection against electrical problems like short circuits. If something goes wrong in your electrical system, then a surge could short your lights.

While shorts might only damage the lights themselves, products that don't have short-circuit protection might pose a fire risk. If the lights get too hot and their strip burns, then you could run into problems.

So, look for LED strip lights that are short-circuit proof. Make sure to use the right plug with the lights. If a plug delivers too much power to a strip, then it could overheat.

2. External Temperature Controls

Some portable strip lights can get warm or even hot if they are used for long periods. The strips might even get too hot to touch especially if you use them for longer than the manufacturer's recommended time limits.

This isn't ideal if you have children at home. You don't want them to touch a strip that is too hot. Plus, overheated strips might discolour walls and surfaces if they stay too hot for too long. So, look for quality RGB LED lights that are described as being low-heat producing and touchable. LED lights don't get as hot as other types of lights anyway, so these strips shouldn't ever get too hot to handle.

As long as you use them correctly, they should stay cool to the touch. They will be much more child friendly and won't damage any surfaces they touch.

3. Waterproofing

If you're looking for outdoor light strips, then RGB LED products are a good solution. The lights themselves are usually protected within their flexiplastic strips so they won't be exposed to the elements.

You might also find products that have additional waterproofing measures useful for outdoor use. For example, some strips have additional waterproofing around their plugs and connections. This helps protect connections and circuits from moisture or water and ensures that the lights last longer.

To get more help choosing the best strip lights for your home or garden, ask Wi-Fi controlled RGB LED strip light manufacturers or suppliers near you.